Propane vs. Electric Heat

Electricity has become the near-exclusive fuel source for virtually every type of appliance in the modern world, including heaters of all kinds. However, contrary to popular belief, electricity is not the best fuel source for every one of these appliances. Heaters, in particular, may actually be better off running on propane.

Whether you’re worried about price, sustainability, efficiency, or something else entirely, propane is likely to beat out electricity almost every time. But what exactly makes propane fuel such an excellent choice? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


Immediately upon switching to propane fuel, you’ll notice your energy bill go down. This is because propane is cheaper than electricity, saving you money immediately! But switching to propane will save you money in the long term as well. Propane furnaces are estimated to last between 5-10 years longer than their electric cousins, allowing you to keep the same furnace running for far longer without the need to replace it. Propane fuel isn’t a case of short term gain, long term loss–you’ll be saving money both ways!


Everyone’s experienced at least one power outage. The electricity clicks off, the lights go dark, every appliance deactivates, and you have to reset every digital clock in the building. This can be particularly devastating in an office environment where no electricity can also mean no wifi access and therefore no work. Fortunately, propane doesn’t have this problem. Propane storage tanks on your property allow you to have constant access to your fuel source so you never have to wait for the power to come back on.

Pro Tip: When you switch to propane fuel, you’ll enjoy constant client support from our expert team whenever you have a question!


The ever-present warning signs around gas stations have led many people to believe that any type of fossil fuel is remarkably dangerous. Of course, anything can be dangerous under the right circumstances. However, propane is safer than electricity on multiple levels. The gas will only ignite at a temperature of 940 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, lowering the risk of accidental fires. Propane is also classified as an environmentally friendly fossil fuel, leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

Propane is not a poisonous gas and is not fatal upon exposure. However, like any gaseous fuel, propane does require some special care to be completely safe. If you or an employee smell something like rotten eggs, that’s a warning sign of a propane leak. Remove everyone from the area to avoid prolonged exposure and get in touch with a professional repair team to get the leak under control.

A Superior Option

If your business is trying to save money or switch to more energy-efficient options wherever possible, propane is an excellent choice. Switch today and start reaping the benefits immediately!

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