The Many Uses of Propane Autogas

Since there are many uses of propane autogas, its demand has grown significantly. Propane autogas has grown to be the third most common engine fuel choice behind gasoline and diesel. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane autogas is a clean-burning fuel used to power light, medium, and heavy-duty propane vehicles.

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The autogas is kept under pressure in a tank as a colorless and unscented liquid. Once the pressure is unconfined, the liquid propane vaporizes and turns into gas used in combustion. Currently, about 2,500 propane refueling stations are operating in public nationwide. The good news is, the fuel is readily available.

Propane autogas is commonly applicable in the following sectors.


Vehicle fleets include delivery vans, limos, golf carts, or shuttles. Switching to propane autogas as a fleet owner is a wise decision. Using propane autogas to power your fleet of vehicles is cheaper than using gasoline. Since it is cleaner than gasoline, your fleet will operate smoothly for a long time.


Propane autogas comes with numerous financial and environmental benefits. For this reason, various government agencies have converted their fleet to a safe, clean, and convenient fuel source alternative.

Propane autogas assists the government in upsurging engine lifespans in its vehicles to minimize the general maintenance budget.

Private Sector

There are propane autogas refueling stations in almost all fifty states in the US due to its increasing popularity in the private sector. The autogas can power pieces of machinery such as vehicles, lawnmowers, and forklifts.

Also, changing a light-duty vehicle to propane autogas is almost half cheaper than switching the same car to compressed natural gas.

Choosing Propane AutoGas for Your Business 

The many uses of propane autogas come from its long-lasting history for efficiency, safety, and affordability. It is safe to opt for propane autogas in your fleet business due to its secure nature. For example, autogas tanks on converted vehicles are twenty times as puncture-resistance as gasoline tanks. Propane autogas has a low flammable range compared to any alternative fuel minimizing the risk of fires in your business. 

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