What is the Shelf Life of Propane?

Propane shelf life is one of the things that makes it a reliable fuel.  It rates highly among other types of energy like gasoline and diesel. Propane is usable in residential and commercial sectors. Unlike other types of fuel, as mentioned above, propane has several benefits.

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Many energy sources have a limited shelf life, but propane can last up to 30 years in storage. The cylinders used to store propane are the only things that affect their shelf life. The dates labeled on propane tanks are inspection dates and not expiry dates.

Propane’s Indefinite Shelf Life

Propane storage is the only thing that limits its shelf life. Still, that 30 years shelf life is a considerably long time for gas to remain viable, given that other gases have a short shelf life. Even with exposure to the elements, it does not degrade.

Propane fuel is one of the most reliable sources of energy on a broad spectrum of use. It does not produce any smells, nor does it create messes. The fact that it has a long shelf life makes it an excellent candidate to transport and store.

A Reliable Emergency Fuel

If you have generators that need to keep running constantly, propane is the ultimate fuel to turn to during emergencies. Most businesses have started to adopt the use of propane over diesel fuel to run their generators. Propane is readily available, making it a reliable energy source.

Even with its stability, it is still highly flammable, which means you must know how to handle it correctly. Its indefinite shelf life makes it the best candidate fuel to use in heavy machines such as generators. It can be transported to areas with emergencies for use due to its versatility.

Using Propane to Power Your Business

Besides using propane to produce heat at home, you can use propane fuel to power up industrial equipment like generators. Propane shelf life allows you to store it in bulk for use in your restaurant and any business that requires fuel. You are in a safe place as long as you understand the safety precautions to take when using propane.

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