Another Successful Project Handled by Propane Specialty Services

When one of the nation’s leading industrial gas suppliers had an urgent need to complete a project in a short period of time and within the existing budget, a previous client recommended they call Propane Specialty Services. 

One of the nation’s leading industrial gas suppliers reached out to us for our propane systems. Here’s how we helped them. #PropaneSpecialtyServices Click To Tweet

First, we met with them to determine the scope of work and made several recommendations for completion. After working to complete the customer’s HAZOP plan with them and enacting changes necessary to meet their corporate requirements, we were able to work around their schedules’ production schedules. 

This successfully completed project will increase productivity, greatly reduce environmental concerns, be completed on time and within their budget. 

Increasing Productivity

Manufacturing facilities and chemical plants equipped with propane are set up for long term profitability and productivity. Propane Specialty Services has built a reputation for success by designing and building propane systems that surpass your in-house capabilities. 

Reducing Environmental Concerns

Propane can’t hurt water or soil because it’s not toxic. When you switch to it, you reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and greenhouse gas emissions. Propane’s lower carbon content helps make it a clean fuel source. As it burns, it also produces fewer tailpipe emissions than petroleum fuels.

Pro Tip: Make your facility greener by switching to propane! Contact Propane Specialty Services to learn more. 

Completion On Time and Within Budget

As leading suppliers of propane supplies to the global market, our LPG bulk plant storage facilities are designed to be safe and reliable for future generations. Through innovation and creativity, we offer vessel design recommendations within your allocated time frame and budget. 


If you would like more information on what Propane Specialty Services can do for you contact us today at sales@propane or by calling directly 123-45-6789.