Specialized Propane Engineering & Design Services

At Propane Specialty Services, you get various options for propane engineering and propane design services. Unlike the norm where other service providers give you preconceived layouts, Propane Specialty Services gives you more. You will get vessel design suggestions that are made to fit your specific applications. There are numerous propane engineering and design services you’ll get depending on your budget.

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What engineering & design services does Propane Specialty Services offer?

There’s much to expect from us at Propane Specialty Services. We lead the global markets in supplying LPG bulk plant storage facilities designed with high safety standards and are ideal for future generations. Below are the services we offer. 

  1. 3D Plant Design
  2. Project Management & Plan
  3. Vessel Design Recommendations
  4. Piping Design
  5. Logistics
  6. Tank Installation
  7. Construction

1) 3D Plant Design

Storing gaseous propane can be a daunting task, especially if it’s to be done for extended periods. Our 3D plant design enables us to create reliable propane gas storage tanks that will serve you for a long time. Using 3D plant design makes it easier to come up with durable propane systems.

Our designers understand that great designs help in the promotion of increased success. They, therefore, give their best when coming up with LP gas plant designs.

2) Project Management & Plan

Our engineering team will always update you on how the project is managed and define all the materials and equipment’s project requirements and specifications. They ensure all the applicable code requirements are met and that they obtain all the required local permits.

3) Vessel Design Recommendations

There’s nothing left out in our detailed and technical vessel design recommendations for the bulk plant. If you intend to install one, our team will see that you adhere to these recommendations and help you with a safe installation process.

Following these recommendations helps to reduce the probability of seeing your propane vaporize due to unfavorable conditions.

4) Piping Design

Our team specializes in choosing the best materials ideal for any piping need when it comes to piping. While we can offer you the best possible recommendations, we use the commonly accepted materials to create sustainable liquefied petroleum pipes.

The pipes are made to withstand both vapor pressure and atmospheric pressure for your safety and long-storage purposes.

5) Logistics

Once the petroleum gas is liquefied under modest temperature and pressure, we store and transport it in various vessel sizes. We either deliver it in bulk tanks or LPG gas cylinders. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can arrange for your gas to get to you in the most effective logistics option. 

6) Tank Installation

We proudly offer top-notch tank installation services to all our customers. Our propane professionals will help you through the process of effective installation of your gas tank at home or your business premises. Our professionals are licensed, and we will ensure to send our employees to help with the installation process.

7) Construction

You need a storage plant that lasts and keeps your LP gas safe. Our construction team helps you in defining the projects’ requirements and specifications of all the requisite materials. They don’t just build to complete their work and go. They will ensure all applicable code requirements are met in addition to obtaining the local permit requirements. 


You can always rely on us for specialized propane design and engineering. Improper design and engineering procedures could be disastrous, and you should avoid such at all costs. Trust us for reliable and outstanding design, engineering, and construction work for an adequate gas supply.

Call us to take advantage of our specialized propane engineering and design services.