5 Easy Team-Building Exercises

Every manager should foster teamwork among their workers through fun team-building exercises. So when your employees play and work together, they can accomplish much as a team. As a result, their productivity at work will improve.

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What are some easy team-building exercises?

If you’re looking for an effective strategy to improve your team’s communication, morale, and productivity, then involve them in fun team-building activities. Many team-building games can boost team bonding. Here are some of the exercises. 

  1. Human Knot
  2. Two Truths One Lie
  3. Life Highlights Game
  4. Egg Drop
  5. The One Question Ice Breaker

1) Human Knot

The human knot is a fun activity for small groups of people. Let everyone in your team form a circle, raise their right hands, and grab onto another person’s hand. Next, allow them to link their left hands with someone else across the circle. Finally, let them untangle themselves without leaving another person’s hand.

2) Two Truths One Lie

To boost bonding in your team, you should play this game. First, tell your coworkers the two things that are true about you and one false thing but don’t specify the truth or lie. 

Then, let each of them guess the lie among the three. You can award points for each lie guessed correctly. Of course, it would be ideal if you did this in turns.

3) Life Highlights Game

This game takes around 30 minutes to play. Start by asking participants to close their eyes for a minute and think of the best moments in their lives. While keeping their eyes closed, ask each of them to decide what 30 seconds of their lives they would want to live again. That allows them to feel for each other’s loves, personalities, and passions.

4) Egg Drop

This game can be a bit messy but an effective way to boost problem-solving skills in a team. If you have a large group, split them into two groups and let each build an egg package to sustain an 8-feet drop. Next, let each group drop an egg using their package to see if it works. The team that successfully creates an egg package for the drop wins.

5) The One Question Icebreaker

To play this game, select a niche for the icebreaker question, whether it’s marriage, babysitting, or leadership. Group the participants into teams then ask this question: “If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s suitability for (insert niche), what would your question be?” Each participant should suggest a question that will help others determine if the person was suitable for that niche.

Help Your Team Improve Communication Skills

The five team-building exercises above can help to improve your team’s communication skills and productivity. Also, these games can help you cultivate a team supporting one another through thick and thin. So, you should ensure that everyone enjoys the fun.

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