5 More Myths About Propane

You’ve probably heard many myths about propane and now contemplating whether it’s the right choice for your applications. The truth is, propane is an energy-efficient, clean-burning fuel that offers many benefits to users. It has several residential and industrial applications, such as cooking, heating, refrigeration, and powering industrial equipment. 

What are some myths about propane? 

With the many benefits that propane comes with, you should consider it over other fuel sources. Unfortunately, some lies are spreading about propane, making it imperative to verify every information you hear about propane.

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Here are some of the common myths about propane you’ve heard. 

  1. “Propane tanks only come in one size.”
  2. “It is only for grills”
  3. “It works slowly.”
  4. “It doesn’t last long.” 
  5. “It is expensive.”

1) “Propane tanks only come in one size.”

The truth is, propane tanks come in multiple sizes, depending on the application modes. For instance, above-ground propane tanks come in sizes ranging from 100 to 1,500 gallons, while underground propane tanks range from 250 to 1,500 gallons.

2) “It is only for grills.” 

Besides grilling, there are several applications of propane. You can use it to heat your home, run propane-powered generators, and warm water. Propane can also power some vehicles. Not to mention, warehouses also use propane to operate forklifts.

3) “It works slowly.” 

Propane doesn’t work slowly, as some people think. Propane is one of the most efficient fuels and can heat the air for up to 140 degrees. An electric heat pump can only produce heat below 98 degrees.

4) “It doesn’t last long.”

Besides being efficient, propane has a longer lifespan than other energy sources like electric heat pumps. They don’t need more maintenance as some people report. The low maintenance requirements can help you save hundreds of dollars.

5) “It is expensive.”

Another myth is that propane is costly. In reality, it is among the most cost-effective fuels on the market. Propane systems need low maintenance and are very efficient, making them less costly. 

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