What Are Propane Standby Systems?

As the demand for clean-burning natural gas grows steadily in North America, there is a need for alternative energy supplies, including standby propane systems. That will help to complement the high demand for natural gas during peak periods. Many companies always opt for standby propane systems, which have numerous benefits.

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How do propane standby systems work? They generate “propane-air” to replace natural gas when the demand is high. The system first withdraws liquid propane from the storage tank and channels it to the vaporizer, where it gets heated and converted to superheated vapor. The vaporized propane can then be piped directly to consumers or diluted with air to form the “propane-air” mixture.

Here are the advantages of relying on propane standby systems. 

System Designed to Your Specific Needs

Reputable propane suppliers, such as Propane Specialty Services, can design and install propane standby systems to suit their clients’ needs. The propane supplier will assess your specific needs and design a system ideal for your specific application, whether for retail, truck & rail, or industrial application. 

Uninterrupted Source of Power

A loss of natural gas supply in critical facilities such as schools, prisons, hospitals, and military bases can result in severe consequences. Propane standby systems offer gas supply security in extreme circumstances, ensuring that propane keeps flowing to serve your needs. It ensures that your business keeps operating without interruptions.

Note that propane standby systems act like electrical back-up generators. They can fully replace natural gas when there is no supply due to unplanned or planned events. In other words, the system provides an uninterrupted source of power to keep your business operations functional. 

Helpful in Emergencies

In an emergency, propane standby systems can help businesses maintain their functional operations without any delay. Propane is readily available and ideal for long-term storage without worrying about temperature variances. If the natural gas gets depleted in the pipeline, the propane standby system can supply propane air to the distribution system.


Most facilities that run on natural gas tend to use propane standby systems during peak periods when the consumer demand is high. The system gets installed at a site near the existing natural gas pipeline. Propane is vaporized and mixed with air before delivery into the distribution system. Propane Specialty Services can help you set up the system.

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