What Are Skid Systems?

In the recent past, manufacturers increasingly rely on modular skid systems that are a fast and less costly alternative to conventional stick-built systems. A modular process skid comes with a unique combination of robustness and flexibility that you would never find in traditional stick-built systems. They are also cheaper than concrete installations.

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As many manufacturers shift their focus from traditional concrete installations to modular process skid systems, the propane service providers have not remained behind. Utility companies like Propane Specialty Services design and build skid-mounted propane systems for industrial and manufacturing processes.

Here are some of the benefits of modular process skid systems. 

Portable Skid Mounted Propane Systems

Portable skid-mounted propane systems are built on frames that secure the entire propane system as a single unit. That makes it easy to transport the skid system from one point to another as per your needs. Since the skid-mounted propane systems are portable, they provide flexibility with placement in the entire propane plant.

An Affordable Solution

Modular skid systems are relatively cheaper than conventional stick-built systems. It can help you save up to 25 percent on the building costs. Combining the skid system’s reduced cost with its reliability will even help you save more money. Modular skid systems also permit future expansion, reducing future labor and material costs.

Increase Productivity

Modular skid systems are usually built or fabricated off-site, allowing you to continue working as usual without any interruption. The downtime that always happens during skid installation will be minimal because of the testing that had already occurred off-site during fabrication. That will help you increase your productivity and efficiency.

Skid Systems for Efficient Propane Production

Installation of skid systems in propane processing plants comes with several benefits, including improved efficiency and productivity. Unlike the stick-built projects that require several contractors on-site during installation, modular process skid systems consist of pre-assembled units that only need you to fix onto your propane facility.

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