4 Industries That Can Benefit From SNG/Air Mix Systems

Most SNG industries operate in locations with an unreliable supply of natural gas. Synthetic natural gas (SNG) has characteristics similar to natural gas, making it a great alternative to conventional natural gas. It provides an uninterrupted power supply if the natural gas’ distribution is poor in your area. How do the SNG/air-mix systems work?

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Which industries are SNG/air mix systems suitable for?

SNG, also called propane-air, is synthetic natural gas formed by mixing vaporized LPG or propane with air. When mixed, it will form a homogenous mixture that industries can use as the natural gas’ direct replacement in most combustion applications. Here are the air mix industries that can rely on SNG systems. 

  1. DME Facilities
  2. Truck & Rail Facilities
  3. Industrial Facilities
  4. Retail Facilities

1) DME Facilities

If you are running a Dimethyl Ether (DME) facility, you will require reliable, cutting-edge power generation. This synthetically produced fuel is essential for keeping your engines working. You can use SNG in place of DME when there’s a low supply. Thankfully, you can get custom propane solutions for your DME facility at Propane Specialty Services.

2) Truck & Rail Facilities

When your business is far away from propane pipelines, a truck and rail are essential to get propane where it’s needed. Transporting propane by rail is an effective way to keep the costs manageable. When installing a truck & rail facility, Propane Specialty Services will first evaluate its design and storage to build an efficient rail-based propane terminal.

3) Industrial Facilities

Are you running a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other industrial facility? If so, you’ll need a greener and more reliable alternative to gasoline and diesel, such as propane-air mixture (SNG). You should customize the SNG system’s design to meet and exceed your specific needs. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy long-term profitability.

4) Retail Facilities

Any retail business that relies on natural gas should invest in an SNG system to supply synthetic natural gas when the supply of conventional natural gas is low. The propane-air is a high-performance and cost-effective energy source that guarantees a reliable power supply. It’s a smart and efficient energy resource for retail businesses.


SNG industries require back-up systems for natural gas whenever there is a risk of energy interruption. If you wouldn’t like fuel interruption to halt mass production in your business, you can rely on the propane-air system. Thankfully, Propane Specialty Services can help you customize the system’s design to fulfill your needs.

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