What Are SNG/Air Mix Systems?

SNG/air mix systems can create a gas with nearly similar natural gas characteristics, providing an ideal alternative to natural gas. The system converts liquid Propane or LPG to vapor and mixes it with air at a preset-ratio. The resulting propane-air mixture is compatible with natural gas and can replace it virtually in almost every application.

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When using air mix systems in place of natural gas, you don’t have to change or modify the existing equipment. You can also connect the systems directly to the natural gas pipelines, making it easy to operate the equipment. That will help you avoid costly and lengthy change-overs and enjoy uninterrupted energy supplies.

Now, let’s discuss how the propane air mixing systems work and why it’s appropriate.

Propane Air Mixing Systems

Companies that depend on natural gas as their primary energy source and are at risk of energy interruption can rely on SNG systems. Fuel interruptions in industrial processes can halt mass production, and that could cause massive losses in the company.

Investing in propane air mixing systems is the best way to cover natural gas system failure risks. You’ll connect the propane air mixture to your natural gas piping immediately after the metering station. You should set the system outside the building.

A Quality Backup System

LPG air mixing systems allow many natural gas users to have a live back-up when needed. LPG air is a synthetic natural gas (SNG), meaning it can directly substitute natural gas. Notably, SNG doesn’t require additional piping, gas trains, or regulators.

When installing the propane air mixing system, you can place it in live back-up to take over when the natural gas’ pressure starts to fail. Alternatively, you can turn on the LPG air system manually. Both cases are similar to having back-up electrical generators.

Utility Peak Shaving

With the expanding economies and increase in natural gas reliance, the demand for natural gas has increased, lowering the distribution pressures. To balance and minimize the impacts of such constraints, consumers can rely on peak shaving systems.

You can use propane-air for peak shaving. A typical propane-air peak shaving system consists of truck unloading stations, LPG storage facilities, propane vaporizers, transfer pumps, propane-air mixers, air compressors, and system controls.

Reliable SNG/Air Mix Systems

SNG/air mix systems are essentially synthetic natural gas formed by mixing vaporized propane with air. This mixture can replace natural gas whenever the supply is low. Consider installing a propane-air system that can power all your equipment. At Propane Specialty, we can help you design propane-air systems customized to your needs.

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