What's an SNG System?

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) is a mix of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and compressed air. SNG can be an excellent alternative to natural gas due to its similar combustion characteristics. You won’t have to modify or change the equipment using both gases.

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An SNG system is a gas production site that offers natural gas to users in remote areas with no natural gas. That can be due to poor infrastructure or the absence of resources to exploit available gas in the area.

Here are the basics of propane air systems (SNG system).

A Primary Fuel Source

SNG can serve as the primary fuel source if you live in an area without natural gas supply. You need to install an SNG system in your home to ensure a constant supply of gas. It’s safe as it can automatically stop the gas supply if any problem occurs.

Pro Tip: An SNG system can connect directly to natural gas pipelines, making it the best primary fuel source. You can change gas supplies without disrupting the system.

Benefits of SNG Systems

SNG systems come with numerous benefits, including compatibility with all the devices that use gas. Here are the other advantages of synthetic natural gas systems.

  • Doesn’t require any external power source like an electricity connection
  • Easily transportable in small capacities so you can move it to different locations
  • Their fuel resource, propane or LPG, are easy to find as they’re readily available
  • Doesn’t require you to change jets in appliances like cookers and heaters
  • Allow users to monitor the costs of two different fuels: LPG and natural gas
  • Helps utility companies ensure a constant supply of gas to homes, schools, and hospitals, preventing potential shutdowns

Standby Systems

With a standby system, you can enjoy a continuous supply of synthetic natural gas. That ensures that your business remains fully operational, even when there’s a low supply of natural gas. You won’t have to shut down your business temporarily.

An excellent alternative to the standby systems is the peak shaving systems. They allow users to control and limit the utilization of natural gas during peak usage. It uses integrated process controls to pump propane air into the system.

Choosing an SNG System for Your Facility

An SNG System is an excellent alternative for natural gas systems. Once you’ve installed the system, rest assured of a fast, affordable, and efficient source of energy. Select an expert who can seamlessly incorporate your SNG plant design and construction of the entire design. The good news is that Propane Specialty can help you achieve that.

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