3 Uses for Standby Propane Systems

Standby propane systems are essential for maintaining steady operations in facilities that depend on natural gas. You can use a standby system to backup power in areas with an inconsistent supply of natural gas or high risks of fuel supply interruptions. If you rely on natural gas fuel, propane air is an ideal fuel backup solution for your facility.

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The good news is that standby propane systems have a vast range of uses. You can install the system for retail, truck & trail, and industrial facilities. However, different facilities require different designs and installation. Propane Specialty Services can help you choose a propane system design that suits your needs.

Here are three different applications of standby propane systems.

Retail Facilities

If you need a high-performance fuel source, consider equipping your retail business with a low-cost and top-efficiency solution like the standby propane system. Propane is one of the most reliable energy sources for retail establishments. Thankfully, Propane Specialty Services offers a variety of commercial propane solutions for retail businesses. We offer propane system design, installation, inspections, and repair services for retail facilities.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities like warehouses, chemical plants, and manufacturing spaces require a greener energy alternative to gasoline and diesel. With a propane standby system, which works like a standby generator, you can enjoy improved productivity and long-term profitability. At Propane Specialty Services, we’ll work closely with you to custom-design a propane system that meets and surpasses your industrial facility’s needs.  

Truck & Rail Facilities

If your business is far from a propane pipeline, truck and rail facilities will be the most convenient way to get propane where you need it. Transporting propane by rail will help you keep the costs low. Before installing a propane system, we will evaluate the facility’s design and storage to build an efficient rail-based propane terminal.

Pro Tip: When designing a propane system for a truck & rail facility, Propane Specialty Services must consider logistics like the storage space required, geographic needs, and purchase agreements. We must ensure that our truck & trail facilities are safe.


Investing in standby propane systems is a reliable, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way to supplement energy in your facility. At Propane Specialty Services, we offer standby power systems that supply uninterrupted power. If there’s an emergency or accident, the standby systems will keep all the operations in your business functional.

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