All About Our Propane Standby Systems

If your business relies on natural gas but operates in a region with an unreliable supply, consider investing in propane standby systems. The system offers an uninterrupted power source. When the natural gas supply is limited, propane will keep flowing to run your equipment. Your business will remain operational without significant interruptions.

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A propane standby system functions like backup generators. It can fully replace natural gas when the supply is limited due to planned or unplanned events. The system is also ideal for “peak shaving,” where you are limited in natural gas from your utility company. So, how does the propane standby system work?

What Are Propane Standby Systems?

Propane standby systems comprise fuel delivery stations, propane storage tanks, vaporizers, pressurizing pump, and a mixer. The system operates by channeling the liquid LPG from its storage tank to the vaporizer, where it heats up to vaporize.

The vaporized LPG can then be used as it is or diluted with air to form the “propane-air.” A propane-air system’s output is usually connected to the consumer’s natural gas piping after the utility’s meter. Propane air gets distributed through the natural gas piping. 

3 Great Uses for Standby Systems

Propane standby systems have three vital applications: retail, industrial, and truck & rail applications. Now, let’s look at how the standby systems apply in each usage.

  • Retail Applications: Propane is a high-performance energy source for the retail industry. If you’re looking for a smart, reliable, and affordable energy source to keep your retail business running, consider installing a propane standby system.
  • Industrial Applications: Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities need reliable energy sources like propane-air for long-term profitability. However, the propane standby system design tends to vary in each industry.
  • Truck & Rail: With truck and rail facilities, propane suppliers can easily distribute propane to where consumers need it. The truck & rail application is common in areas where consumers are far from the propane pipelines. 

Emergency vs. Standby Power

A propane standby system can keep all your business operations running without any further delay or interruption during emergencies. Liquefied propane gas (LPG) is readily available and can be stored in an LPG tank for many months without depletion. If the natural gas pipeline fails, the propane standby system will power up your equipment.  

Quality Standby System Services

Whether using propane standby systems for retail, industrial, or truck & rail applications, Propane Specialty Services can help you customize the system based on your needs. We will assess your needs and design a propane standby system ideal for your specific applications. Our standby systems provide a reliable source of power.

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