Emergency vs. Standby Power Systems

When it comes to emergency vs. standby power supply systems, you are never fully covered until you have reliable backup systems. Whether you choose an emergency or standby power system as your backup option during blackouts, it all depends on your power needs. It matters a lot to have a reliable backup plan once you are out of power.

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Which one is better? Emergency and standby power systems are all ideal options during a blackout. However, if you have essential appliances, like medical equipment on your premises, you can go for emergency power systems. They ensure such appliances stay connected. Standby power options are ideal for general home power supply.

Standby Power Systems

There are two standby power systems: the legally required standby power systems and the optional standby power systems.

The legally required standby power systems provide automatic power backup in the event of a power outage. However, it takes up to 60 seconds for them to respond. They are required by codes to power or illuminate equipment that is not in the category of being powered by emergency power.

The optional standby power standby system is not a requirement of the code. It powers up equipment that does not threaten life safety if they fail. These power systems are popular in business operations and are used to hedge against economic loss. 

Emergency Power Systems

According to National Electric Codes (NEC), article 700, Emergency power systems are those whose operations are essential to human life. They promise an uninterrupted power supply as they provide continuous back up immediately after a power loss.

Emergency power systems are intended to automatically supply power within ten seconds of a power outage and are required by code. They get linked to safety systems like elevators, fire alarm systems, smoke evacuation, etc. Emergency power systems are also connected separately from the normal grid connection.

The Importance of Backup Power for Your Facility

Backup power is a crucial requirement to your facility, especially if you are always dependent on an uninterruptible power supply for normal daily operations. You can’t afford to run out of power when you need it for cooking, human life support, or doing business.

It is prudent that you take a power backup option that suits your needs. You can leverage the power systems by installing both options to gain maximally from both. 


Your peculiar power needs can easily solve the question of emergency vs. standby systems. Once you have decided and know which power option to settle for, we at Propane Specialty Services are ready to install your system.

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